Happy Halloween!


June was an owl for Halloween. She very much enjoyed wearing her costume for the day, although the glasses were not such a big hit. They seem to have grown on her over the course of the week, however, and she has taken to nonchalantly wearing them around the house.

Mama is looking forward to future deployments of her new hot glue gun, after a very successful first project. Apparently Andrew Cuomo’s inane tablescape-creating girlfriend on the Food Network is onto something with her hot glue gun obsession. It’s magic!

Due to a) a virus that made it hard for her to eat anything except yogurt without crying and b) the fact that she is 22 months old, June did not enjoy any Halloween candy. But she did quickly grasp the basics of trick-or-treating from the perspective of a door-answerer. Every time someone knocked on our door asking for candy, she yelled “TREAT!” and laughed maniacally. She trick-or-treated at precisely one house: our next-door-neighbor’s, who was handing out sparkly pencils. (Note to readers: Don’t hand out pencils on Halloween. We have been finding sparkly pencils on the sidewalk up and down our block all week.)

Pensive HOOT

Drooly HOOT

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